So you wanna know about the stuff I like do you???? alright sure why not


i've been obsessed with the musical stylings of this guy for like 2 years straight and counting lmao

The combination of incredibly catchy beat pop tunes combined with the often nonsensical abstract lyrics appeals to me on a visceral level

i have been hyperfixating on the album WATCH AS I PERFORM MY OWN TRACHEOTOMY for a long ass fucking time and have listened to it more times than i'd care to admit... I even named my comic after it lmao.

I'm like 80% sure he runs I Love Melbourne Dance Music Association too but w/e too lazy to check


a multimedia experience, a modern epic, a rube goldberg machine for figuring out your sexuality and gender, and a guaranteed way of making you 100% more annoying.

originally hosted on Andrew Hussie's site, MS PAINT ADVENTURES DOT COM (which has unfortunately fallen into disrepair) then hosted at HOMESTUCK.COM, (which has ALSO fell into disrepair, despite ending in 2016, which at time of writing is not even 7 years ago)

the best way of reading it nowadays is certainly The Unofficial Homestuck Collection (created by BAMBOSH and Linked Above)

it's about 8000 pages of the stupidest bullshit you'll ever read, and despite, or maybe BECAUSE of that, I recommend it unironically and wholeheartedly.

the comic (justifiably) gets a lot of flack, for a VARIETY of reasons, but fuck it, it's unironically good anyway.


Acclaimed Video Essayist (probably, i haven't watched her stuff unfortunately) SARAH ZEDIG dares to ask the question, "what if the main character of homestuck was a transgender vriska kinnie struggling with the horrors of being alive? and also she has awesome lesbian sex and is plural maybe and also it becomes a space opera." and the result is fucking awesome and completely shattered my egg.

it's SWEET as FUCK, and if the writing alone wasn't enough to trans my gender then these illustrations by GIRLPILLZ would've done it for sure



i'd embed these but it's not my art and that'd feel kinda shitty lmao.

anyway if you liked homestuck and my shitty blurb aroused any interest in you then go check that out because it rules


yeah that's right another homestuck fanwork!! >:D

this one coming from SPICY YETI, this webcomic is a surreal exploration of jade harley's character that does a bunch of really really fucking cool stuff with page layouts!


check these guys out they're cool and i like them





(gah my mind is drawing a blank rn lmao i'll come back to this)